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Avigilante's manual for young people

Creation 2015

The vigilantes are the mirror of our contemporary fears, and there have never been as many vigilantes as there are today. We have called upon Zorro, the hero of our childhood, to speak of all the heroes. In the form of Mime, Vacuum cleaner and Trumpet, Julien and François write a funny and musical instruction manual to re-learn that in order to change the world, you have to start by being the vigilante of your daily life.

This funny and poetic show is aimed at adults as well as children, thanks to various reading levels. It talks about childhood and the adventures it implies to defy, with tenderness and humour.

Written and directed by NICOLAS TURON

From Rémy VACHET,  François GUILLEMETTE and Nicolas TURON

With Julien ATHONADY and François GUILLEMETTE

Outside eye Elodie CERCLEUX

Stage manager Rémi ATHONADY
  Stephanie BUIRETTE

Production  Camille Diard h


Duration - 45 minutes

Capacity - 200 spectators indoors, 300 outdoors

Family audience from 6 years old

Outside, indoors, at school, under a big top


Tempo and the Pays de Craon (53),

Animakt in Saulx les Chartreux (91),

The Maison de l'Enfance and the Mom 'Théâtre de Rombas (57),

The Open Theater (25), The Store (71) and La Filoche (54)



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