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"Tonight, it will be six months since the world faced
a sudden shortage of petrol,
having cut off all communication networks since then.
And on an alpine foothill, in a small village in the Vercors,
a small group of people living together are discovering their own way to live life differently.
But when they stumble upon two jerry cans full of gasoline, the fuel takes on the smell of perfume

Wonder Petrol is an anticipated street show;
a circus, dance and musical fable,
that confronts a very close reality with poetry and derision,
the near end of the oil era.
Under an imposing crane, the six characters will face the vertigo of tomorrow while questioning their dreams and ambitions of yesterday.

Creation 2022

Based on an original idea by Aurélien PROST


Directed by Facundo DIAB & Julien ATHONADY

Set design : Aurélien Prost

Music : Maël Oudin et Anaïs Bousquet Ilahiane

Light design : Lou-Anne Lapierre

Artifices : Aurélien Prost et Lou-Anne-Lapierre

Costumes : Laure Hieronymus

Eye on choreography : Anouk Germser, Jordi Montmany Vioque, François Guillemette


Aurélien PROST, tightrope walker, balancing on objects, fireworks

Emilien AGATE, acrobat, handstand balancer

Zoranne SERRANO, dancer

Pià BAUTISTA,  trapeze artist

Nicolas MAYET , dancer, acrobat

Anaïs BOUSQUET ILHAIANE, singing and percussion

Clément AGATE , stage manager and sound technician

Lou-Anne LAPIERRE or Jeanne DREYER,  light manager

Stéphanie BUIRETTE, administrator

Marie DELOR, in charge of production and coordination

Reportage France 3 Bourgogne - 22 juillet 2022

Co-productions and residencies :  the PALC - PNC Grand Est, le Fourneau - CNAREP Bretagne, Chalon Dans La Rue - CNAREP Chalon-sur-Saône, the Waterfall - PNC Auvergne Rhône Alpes | Co-productions  the Cratère - National scene of Alès, Atelier 231 - CNAREP Sotteville-lès-Rouen, the Walloon Brabant Cultural Center, U4 Blast furnace park Agglomeration community of Val de Fensch  | Residences  Le Point H ^ UT - place of urban creation, the 37th Parallel | Supported by  the Compagnie Off, Equinoxe - Scène nationale de Châteauroux

With the financial support of the DRAC Grand Est and the region Grand Est


Mathilde BROUDIC

(+33) 7 69 10 14 90

mathilde.rouages (at)

Technical contact 

Clement Agate


clem.agate (at)


Les coulisses du spectacle - Reportage du Fourneau au festival des Rias

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