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Walter C.

Stuffing for public festival toilets - Creation 2013

Walter and Compagnon will soon be coming to tell you about their latest discovery in matters of fecality.

In front of the festival's public toilets, between revisited Rabelaisian poetry and lyrical flights on the trumpet of Companion, you, cabinet droppers and other users of enamel, will discover, amazed eyes, the symbolic power of feces. The key word: provoke laughter to suggest an idea!


It's a burlesque and provocative street show, 20 minutes of talkative talk and subversion. Walter and C,  go from town to town, from festival to festival to promote their products from feces for all the ills of the world.


And as his grandmother said  :

"  eat your bread otherwise other animals will come and nibble!  "

A good hearer,

Your humble servant





Show for all audiences, duration 20 Min

From and with  Rémy Vachet and François Guillemette

Staging  Julien Athonady

Scenography and accessories Rémi Athonady

Costumes Camille Lacombe

Vector Illustrations   The story










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