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Whether they have put a foot, an arm, an eye, a pencil, a light bulb, an idea, or all at once in our journey.
They have been here and will be there again:



Charlotte DELEFORGE, In charge of production / bookings
Zélia CLAMAGIRAND, In charge of production / bookings
Johanne HUMBLET, Tightrope walker

Mylène PASTRE, Light design

Louise JACQUET, In charge of production / bookings

Remy VACHET, Friend of the early days and those to come, Co-founder of the company and Actor

Pauline WOESTLANDT, Actress – Tightrope walker

Pierre GALOTTE, Graphic designer - Constructor

Sabrina ANSART, Danser – Rope artist

Catherine CLEMENT, Honorary President

Lydie DEL RABAL, Truck driver – Big top manager

Delphine DUPIN, Actress – Tightrope walker

Pierre VACHET, Cameraman

Héloïse DELBART, Circus performer

Fausto LORENZI, Trainee stage hand

Flavien PISANELLO, Camera operator - Editor

Roland GERMSER, Photographer

Camille VAUTRIN, Chinese pole artist

Yan CONTEAU, Illustrator

Yannick LONGET, Director

Elodie MICHALSKI, In charge of production / bookings

Nicolas TURON, Author and director

Nicolas FROMONT, Big Top rigger

Laure WOELFLI, Graphic designer - Administrator

Eléonaure DANIAU, Costume designer

Thibault LEMAREC, Sound technician

Marie BONNEMAISON, Stage technician

Sarah FILMER SANKEY, Light designer

Loïc LAMBERT, Sound designer

Hugues HOLLENSTEIN et Grit KRAUSSE, Outside eye

Jean-Gérard BERNABEU, Photographe

Hugo GERMSER, Cameraman

Sarah LETOUZEY, Illustrator

Thomas FRETEUR, Photographer

Sophie VERNET, Administrator

Flora LE QUEMENER, Base - Contorsionist

Vincent HANOTAUX, Photographer and Cameraman

Josépha FOCKEU, Trainee

Lucille DE BLOCK, Administrator

Leslie BAECHEL, Costume designer

Fabrice BEZ, Accordionist
Fanny BRIAT, Cook

Gautier COLIN, Cameraman, Editor

Chloé COSTET, Technician

Kevin DELBART, Big Top rigger

Bastien FARRE, Chef

Nicolas GARDEL, Sound technician

Estelle LECLERC, Trapeze artist

Julie LUMIER, In charge of bookings

Yoann PONCET, Sound technician



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