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Creation 2019 "(in the meantime, I’m Peeling)"

Wildly emotional clown solo in waterproof cardboard
Show performed under yurt

Silence: Female given name.

Silence, she has been told to "shut up" more times than "tell me". And after being told to shut up over and over again, Silence ended up locking herself in a box. There she could shout whenever she wants. But today, she can't stand this second skin anymore. She doesn't even know what it protects her from anymore.
So Silence peels herself to finally make room for her din.

Silence is a raw interlude, the story of an offbeat character who would like to find her own skin without false pretense and without armor.


Writing and performance  Anouk GERMSER

Stage direction  Elodie CERCLEUX and Simone  VENDITTI
Outside eye for the clowning
Musical composition
  Anouk GERMSER and Mael OUDIN
Stage design and construction Sila HERRERA and Clément AGATE
Costumes Lara MANIPOUD
Light design, general management
  Mylène PASTRE
Production Marie DELOR
Administration Stéphanie BUIRETTE


Duration 45 minutes
All audiences from 8 years old
Capacity 70 people
Performed in a yurt

Residencies and residency support :

With the joint support of the Théâtre des routes - Association Furies and the Château du Grand Jardin, a site of the Haute-Marne Departmental Council
La Verrerie d'Alès / Pôle National Cirque OCCITANIE
Welcomed by Éclat (s) de rue /
  City of Caen (14) 
The Meadow Malin (71) 
Le Couacc - Ecurey Pole of the future (55) 


Animakt (91)

Municipality of Cendras (30)

Zo Prod (86)

Woods Factory (34)

Cie Aléas (11)

The show benefits from a 2019 creation grant of the department la Meuse.



+33 (0) 7 69 37 32 45

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