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From and With 

Aurélien PROST , tightrope walker

Facundo DIAB and Sarah BABANI, trapeze

Anouk GERMSER Vocals

Julien ATHONADY Chinese pole

Rémy VACHET mime

François GUILLEMETTE trumpet, vocals

Emilien AGATE balance


Directed by Elodie CERCLEUX

Costumes  Camille LACOMBE


Clément AGATE decor construction

General manager and his Clément AGATE

Light manager Rémi ATHONADY

Machinist, rope access technician Emilien AGATE

Trainee governed Fausto Lorenzi

Graphic design Julien ATHONADY

Administration / Production Estelle GOBERT

Production / Distribution Zélia CLAMAGIRAND



Support and hospitality in residence

Sliding station - Cie Transexpress



Creation 2014

And  what if this show was not intended for the public?

And if he  was only the witness of attempts launched by women and men, diverted by the unforeseen or quite simply by their chronic clumsiness?

In the confusion  they ambush space and  stubbornly persist in meeting love, with a small A, a twisted M and a rolling R.

In the air, this fragility is played out  .  

Which pushes them to surpass themselves, to walk beside themselves in order to be able to race, to poke fun at weariness, to challenge weightlessness, to provoke the absurd, to brave desolation, to measure themselves against themselves, to stumble, to fly a little time in the emergency room, and always knowing that the others are there, alert, alert and solid.  


The promise of only being there to try, always.


Without line or outline, like smoke, where the boundaries of bodies are diluted.

You can look - Anouk GERMSER - François GUILLEMETTE

Sfumato indocile cabaret

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