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Radio Hermès 

Creation June 2022

A journalist-looking musician shows up in the classroom, with his trolley and a trumpet, and invites the student to prepare and record a whole new episode of “Radio Hermès”, the kids’ radio show for their pears.

20 minutes to prepare the sections and their contents, to rehearse the transitions before starting the live broadcast !

In each performance, the students are invited to contribute to a collective thinking in order to record their peculiar way of thinking and to create an original episode of Radio Hermès.

« Radio Hermès », allows the children to exchange messages, some advice and cultural references. This month, we’ll discuss happiness !

Directed and performed by François GUILLEMETTE


Composing Nicolas TURON

External perspective Julien ATHONADY

Sound designer  Thibault LE MAREC
  Stephanie BUIRETTE

Production  Charlotte DELEFORGE and Marie DELOR

Duration: 40 minutes

Capacity: one class

Public: Primary school Keystage 2 (year 4, year 5, year 6)  and secondary school year 7

Residency and support:

“Shared creation” scheme: DRAC Grand Est, DAAC Nancy-Metz, COPARY, Pergaud Pagnol school and Jean-Moulin secondary school in Revigny (55)

Residency at CCOUAC, Ecurey Pôle d'Avenir - Cie Azimuts, Theater Gérard Philipe and Raymonde Piecuch school in Frouard

AUDIO TEASER and Podcasts about happiness

(in French) : click here !


Mathilde BROUDIC

+33 (0)7 66 10 14 90



The origin of this show is a collaboration between François GUILLEMETTE and Nicolas TURON, whom wrote and produced Zorro, Manuel du Justicier à l'Usage de la Jeunesse (a creation of 2014 by Cirque Rouages).  Numerous artistic interventions in nursery and elementary schools around this performance were undertaken, notably within the framework of Global Artistic Projects, in which they conversed and recorderd many children, and created soundtracks with them.

The desire of provoking reflection among pupils and making it easier for them to speak out, gave rise to the need of a creation aimed at children.
In this show, the pupils will be offered a short original creation. Some of the children's words, testimonies or answers to questions asked will be recorded during the show. These recordings will immediately and discreetly be "edited", to let them hear the fruit of their reflection at the end of the show.

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