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Tightrope walker performance


No path other than that traced by this cable in the sky,

no other silence than that of the long resonances of the Martenot waves,

nor any other memory of this evening than the one we are living together now ___.

Ondes__ evokes a path to be crossed, a step to be taken, like an initiation rite. This spectacle show is performed with the desire of leaving its mark on the environment invested in and to resonate in the collective memory.

The show _Ondes___ remains a performance, which we can adapt to other formats; either for a question of budget, artistic desire, or architectural or geographical environment.

In each configuration, we remain attentive to the live musical composition. The sound score and the tightrope walking performance go hand in hand. The first is adapted to the installation of the second, and comes to tell a pictorial story at great height.

Since 2020, _Ondes___ has also been available in different formats:

_fr.Ondes ___, same project but with different music

_Rides___, performance in a large wheel suspended under the cable

_Remous___, work with three tightrope walkers on two superimposed cables (with Laurence Tremblay-Vu and Anne-Lise Allard)


 For example, on the occasion of the Chalon dans la Rue festival (which did not take place), on July 22nd 2020, we played another version, and told another story. Watch here :


Mathilde BROUDIC

+33 (0) 7 66 10 14 90

mathilde.rouages (at)


Aurélien Prost, tightrope walker
Monique Pierrot, ondes Martenot
Maël Oudin, bass and composition (or Hugo Rivière)
Anouk Germser, vocals and composition (or Anaïs Ilahiane)
Victor Binot, drums
Sébastien Penet, stage manager
Émilien Agate, chief rigger
Alexis Boulas, sound technician

Participated in stretching cables: Delphine Dupin, Rémy Vachet, Clément Agate, Rémi Athonady, Gaspard Albrepsy ...

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