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 Creation 2014

Ôm taf

The pseudo-hero, Ôm, struggles and tries to survive the amount of work he has been given. Throughout the day, Ôm at the office, stamps, files and distributes with formidable enthusiasm. But burn-out lurks around the corner...


Ôm taf is an acrobatic, musical, funny and explosive mime show; the story of an employee crushed and pushed to the limit by the relentless mechanics of profit.


Smile, you're going to bug...





Nicolas MAYET and François GUILLEMETTE

Directed by Julien ATHONADY

Stage design Rémi ATHONADY, Clément AGATE

Technical director  Remi ATHONADY

Graphic design  Count Ô

Production  Charlotte DELEFORGE

Duration - 30 minutes

Capacity - 400 people

All audience


Co-produced by the Théâtre de Billom (67),

Supported by the department of the Meuse and the Grand Est region,

Created at the Maison de l'Enfance de Rombas (Môm Théatre 57), at the Cirque Rouages (55) and at the Théâtre de Billom.

The show was supported by the County Council of Lorraine for Chalon dans la Rue Off.


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