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Creation 2021 - "Those who leave are those who stay"

Circus lockdown

Show under a 480-seat big top

Duration 1 hour | Suitable for all audiences

      In a contemporary sense, the malandro is a young thug in Venezuela or Brazil, self-aware, and willing to use violence to establish his social status.

    The plot leads us to think beyond our own affiliation to a family, to a community, and undermines the very foundation of freedom by raising the question of whether we are here by choice or by default. Why do these men and women find themselves in this enclave where the open air is just an eye up there?

The starting point of this circus piece; bringing together Malandros who dodge what conventional life imposes on them to dance their particular stories.


      "I am talking to you. It’s been a long time since I stopped believing that anyone is listening to me, but talking is good exercise. It passes the time and keeps the words alive. Not saying a word can end up killing it. I've been here for a long time, and some words have already lost their meaning, like 'summit' or 'horizon'."

    Prisoners of an infernal lockdown, the artists on stage pursue a mental investigation into the reasons for their own confinement. They dance with their limits as with their memories and words. They are the Malandros.


Collective creation


Text  Nicolas TURON
  Anouk GERMSER, Hugo RIVIÈRE, Théophile MILLET

Director  Benoît BELLEVILLE
Eye on choreography
Stag design
Aurélien PROST
Light design
  Viviane DESCREUX and Soizic LAMBIN


Annabelle Larès Cloud swing, Vertical rope, Cradle / Anouk Germser Acting, Singing / Ayla Moes Hand to hand, Aerial cradle, Coreen cradle, Duo trapeze / Coraline Léger Duo Trapeze, Icarian Games, Hand to hand, Cradle / Gaspard Albrespy Teeterboard, Hand to hand, Aerial cradle, Coreen cradle / Hugo Rivière Bass, Guitar

Juliette Jouvin Acro-dance / Marius Ollagnier Teeterboard, Hand to hand, Coreen cradle / Sarah Babani Duo trapeze, Icarian games, Cloud swing, Coreen cradle / Simone Venditti Acting, dance / Sylvain Rizzello Hand to hand, Aerial cradle, Coreen cradle



(+33) 7 69 37 32 45

marie.rouages (at)

Cirque Rouages-Malandro-Première-Le Palc 2021 ©Alain Julien 053.jpg

Residencies and residency support :
Le Palc - National Circus Center Grand Est - Châlons-en-Champagne (51)
Le Parc du Haut Fourneau U4 - Agglomeration community of Val de Fensch - Uckange (57)
The Bascule Village - Thiaville-sur-Meurthe (54)
The footbridge at Pont de Menat - Community of Communes Combrailles, Sioule and Morge (63)

Le Parc du Haut Fourneau U4 - Agglomeration community of Val de Fensch - Uckange (57)
Supported by

Grand CIEL - circus in connection
Association Les Lendemains in Champclauson, La Grand Combe (30)

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