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Two men, in motion, in balance or in fall… in migration.
On their backs, a raw wooden box, heavy like their past, empty like their future.
Without words, to the rhythm of their box, they lead their dance and trace their way with the lightness and the casualness of young people full of strength and hope.  Their bodies speak, they outline their journey, danger threatens but the risk-taking is joyful and victorious.

They change their lives, defy the laws of weightlessness and take us on their odyssey.

Collective creation

Free adaptation of Bilal on the illegal route by Fabrizio GATTI

Based on an original idea by Emilien AGATE  

Dramaturgical writing and direction Elodie CERCLEUX 

Acrobatic interpretation  Emilien AGATE and Florent FINOT

Musical composition and interpretation  Mael OUDIN and / or  Francois GUILLEMETTE

Scenography  Clement AGATE 

Production   Camille Diard

Administration  Stephanie BUIRETTE

Duration 40 minutes (10 min walk - 30 min fixed)

For all

In the street

Capacity of 300 people

Co-productions and residences: Théâtre Transversales-Scène conventione cirque-Verdun. Residences: the 37th parallel of Mettray, the Grainerie of Balma, the Transverse of Corbigny.  Supported by : the Mémo de Maxéville, the Grange Aussibal in Saint-Julien-en-Vercors, the municipality of Bussières, the Hangar Saboté in Sarzeau, Azul Bangor. With the financial support of the Department of la Meuse in 2017.

BOATE | Création 2017 - Cirque Rouages
BOATE | Création 2017 - Cirque Rouages
BOATE | Création 2017 - Cirque Rouages
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